10 celebrities with hair transplantation

10 Best Celebrity Hair Transplants

Hair loss brought about by male pattern baldness can be devastating. Balding or a receding hairline easily robs a once-confident man of his esteem, turning him into a self-conscious insecure shadow of his former self. 

What makes it worse is looking at men much older than yourself holding their heads of thick lustrous hair high. You can’t help but think how lucky they must be to have great hair at such an advanced age.

What if we told you that it has nothing to do with luck; but rather a decision to have a hair transplant and a well-trained professional surgeon. 

Yes, there is a growing list of male celebrities who are enjoying the benefits of hair transplant surgeries. Some continue to deny it even when all evidence points to hair transplantation, and others speak publicly about it. Some even become advocates of the procedure for life-changing restored confidence. 

Here is a list of some of them.

Wayne Rooney

Source: www.chroniclelive.co.uk

This professional footballer and coach’s hair transplant is one of the most well-known celebrity hair treatments.

The former Manchester United player saw no reason to keep his 2011 hair transplant a secret. He spoke openly about the insecurities he dealt with because of thinning hair, confirming that he had been going bald since his early 20s. 

He was happy with the results of the transplant which he had at the age of 25 and went back for a second one about two years later. 

Elton John

Elton John Hair Transplant
Source: www.forbes.com

This British singer and composer is best known for his 1997 hit ‘Candle in the Wind.’ He too spoke openly about feeling self-conscious due to thinning hair and his decision to explore the hair transplantation option.

His openness is credited for kick-starting the celebrity hair transplant movement. However, John’s efforts bore little fruit after his first surgery which he described as extremely painful. A second attempt was more successful, giving him a decent amount of hair which he boasts of years later, despite being well into his 70s. 

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a South-African-born entrepreneur best known for the now-infamous Tesla electric vehicles.

Decades-old photographs of Musk confirm that his hair loss set in at an early age. It worsened over the years leaving him with minimal hair on the top of his head and a receding hairline.

Although he has not officially confirmed whether or not he had hair transplant surgery, experts say it is the only way his aggressive form of hair loss could have transformed into his now thick, healthy hair. It is believed that he had at least two surgeries between 2010 and 2018. 

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh Hair Transplant
Source: www.irishmirror.ie

Michael Louis Walsh is an Irish music manager who managed numerous artists and groups, most notably Boyzone and Westlife. He became a household name after serving as a judge in X-Factor, a hugely popular music competition franchise.

He speaks of his hair loss journey saying being on television heightened his insecurities about the possibility of going bald. He described his hair transplant surgery as ‘maintenance’ in order to keep up with younger co-stars.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant
Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

It is clear that this American actor, singer, and comedian has taken a long journey to deal with his hair loss. He is the only celebrity on our list whose name also appears on lists identifying celebrities with scalp micropigmentation; another common solution to hair loss.

Foxx, as he is popularly known, has not spoken openly about his hair transplant but it seems to be the only way he could have converted a balding head to a well-defined hairline and thick hair at the top of his head.

The biggest giveaway is a tattoo across the back of his head which covers the exact area where a hair transplant scar would be.

Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan Hair Transplant
Source: radiotimes.com

Jason Donovan came into the limelight thanks to his role in the long-standing Australian soap opera Neighbors.

Donovan discussed his hair transplant in a public interview with Piers Morgan. He said that being in the public eye, he felt more comfortable with a full head of hair than when he was bald.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a world-famous Formula One driver who has driven for McLaren and Mercedes.

For a long time, he had a fairly visible receding hairline and minimal hair on the top of his head which are typical signs of male pattern baldness. He had been quoted blaming his hair situation on lack of care and poor quality hotel shampoos.

After he showed off his thick locks, fans wondered about the drastic change but he denied ever going through transplant surgery. Instead, he attributed the growth to self-care and advice from a specialist.

Doctors have however said that only transplant surgery could have reversed such extreme hair loss

David Beckham

He is an iconic English football player who made a name for unmatched prowess on the field. Having played for Manchester United, England, L. A Galaxy and Real Madrid, he is a world-renowned sports personality.

Beckham has not spoken publicly about his hair loss but it is believed that he had hair transplant surgery sometime in 2018. Prior to this,  paparazzi took numerous pictures of him showing clearly thinning hair and a balding crown.

He arrived at the 2018 Paris Fashion Week event wearing a thick white hat. He had probably just had the surgery because he has sported a full head of thick hair ever since.

James Nesbitt

Irish actor James Nesbitt is another celebrity who speaks freely about his struggles with hair loss and the decision to have a hair transplant. 

The Cold Feet star says he felt that a receding hairline would have a negative effect on his career prospects. After multiple surgeries, he is happy with the results and believes a healthy thatch has helped him land key roles.

He says it has renewed his confidence and goes as far as to say that it has changed his life. 

He also uses approved medications like Minoxidil to improve hair quality and prevent further hair loss. 

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Hair Transplant
Source: ft.com

If you thought money and power could help men escape male pattern baldness, then this personality confirms that it cannot. He is arguably one of the most powerful men on the globe and is believed to have had a hair transplant to deal with hair loss.

Well, in his defense, he was not POTUS at the time. Although Biden never confirmed these claims, it is believed that he had the procedure done years ago, when he was in his 40’s and the then-Senator for Delaware. Before that, images clearly showed thinning hair and a receding hairline. 

Now he sports a full head of healthy-looking hair despite his age.


You have probably looked at one or some of these celebrities on your screen and envied them for having such thick, healthy-looking hair. Now you know they have gone to great lengths to make it look as good as it does. 

If you are considering a hair transplant and wondering if cosmetic surgery is too vain for a man, these men should be more than sufficient persuasion that it is perfectly acceptable for men to make an effort to look and feel great. 


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