5 Best Fashion Looks for Men with SMP

5 Best Fashion Looks for Men with Scalp Micropigmentation

You have never been the kind to take time to think about how fashionable or stylish your clothes are. Now after losing most of your hair and having scalp micropigmentation treatment, things may need to change. 

If you have always worn your hair long, SMP changes your entire look, and it can be difficult to get used to the guy staring back at you in the mirror. Developing a new fashion sense can be exceptionally useful as you learn to embrace the new you. That includes learning how to dress to compliment your new look.

Here are a few fashion tips to consider as you put together a wardrobe to flatter your pigmented scalp.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Skin Tone

With scalp micropigmentation, a greater surface area of your scalp is visible. This is why selecting colors which compliment your skin tone easily makes the entire outfit pop in ways it wouldn’t if you had a full head of hair. 

Let’s break it down for the different skin tones

Light skin tones: If you have pale skin, dark-colored tops are best to compliment your peachy undertones. Colors such as black are most common though others like forest green, brown or burnt orange also work well. 

Medium skin tones: Such skin is characterized by an olive-colored tint. If this describes you, natural light colors such as deep red, grey, and royal purple are best for you.

Dark skin tones: A dark-skinned man with scalp micropigmentation will achieve perfect contrast with bright colors like white, bright red, or yellow. 


Turtleneck sweaters are an all-time favorite for men with scalp micropigmentation. 

Why so? Well, it all comes down to illusion. The defined neck frame created by a turtleneck sweater compliments the curvature of a short buzz-cut head. The secret is in the illusion of increased height. 

It can be compared to an egg stand which creates something of a pedestal to elevate the egg. In the same way, the long defined neck creates the illusion of a mount which frames your head and neck. The result is an impression of prestige and confidence. 

Cutaway collar

When you need to be formally dressed in a suit and tie, go for a wide-spread collared shirt, also known as a cutaway collar. Pair it with a large, triangular tie knot such as the double Windsor knot.

Like in the case of turtlenecks, the wider collar, and larger knot create the illusion of a strong, defined base for the head. The overall image created is one of strength and stability. 

Prints and patterns

Prints and patterns on tops are not just for the ladies. These can work well for men with scalp micropigmentation as they call attention to themselves, therefore pulling attention away from the bare-looking head. 

Fitting shirts with any kind of print whether horizontal or vertical, checks, or large prints also make one appear to have a lean but bulked-up upper body. 

Well-fitting trousers

Scalp micropigmentation tends to make your torso look bigger than your lower body. In order to balance them out, choose well-fitting tapered trousers rather than baggy jeans or super skinny pants.

Avoid very long or very short trousers and opt for pairs that end about two or three inches above your shoe. Better proportion can be achieved by including a well-fitting belt. 

Bottom Line

Whether you have had a pigmented scalp for years or are just getting accustomed to the recently acquired look, the bottom line is that it is possible to look trendy with SMP. You only need to understand how it changes your look, and pay more attention to your choice of dress to compliment it.


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