how much does a great hair system cost

How Much Does a Great Hair System Cost?

With the exception of men working in the cosmetic industry, most have no idea what men’s hair replacement systems cost. Heck, many married men are more familiar with pricing for women’s weaves and wigs than hair systems for men.

Chances are that you hadn’t the slightest care what these so-called ‘men’s wigs ’cost until your hair loss challenges set in, and you began to look for a solution. How much will a great hair system cost you? Are they suspiciously cheap or will you have to part with an arm and a leg to get your hands on a decent piece?

Like any other product in the market, prices for hair systems vary widely depending on specific aspects. Here is a look at some of the main differentiating features and associated costs.

Stock vs custom-made hair systems

Stock hair systems: These are pre-made in bulk and stocked at retail points such as the salon or hair studio you find them at. They are made based on what is considered the average person’s needs and preferences on color, hair density, and base shape.

According to Lordhair, costs for stock pieces start at about $140 up to about $300. The average cost can be placed at $240.   

Custom-made hair systems: These are made specifically for one individual, incorporating their individual requirements and likings. It is much like a custom-made suit.

When ordering one, the hair replacement technician takes a mold of your head to establish the exact size and shape of the required hair system. After that, you select your preferred hair color, density, and texture.

According to Sure Hair International, a custom-made piece will set you back about $1,000 though this amount will vary depending on size, hair length, and hair type.  

Synthetic vs Natural hair systems

In this regard, men’s hair systems are pretty much like women’s weaves and wigs.

Synthetic: These are made using synthetic fibers formed to resemble human hair. They are easy to care for and can retain styling even after washing. They are available in varying qualities, with lower quality ones being less durable and lacking the natural look and feel of natural hair. High-quality synthetics look and feel so much like natural hair, it takes an expert to tell the difference.

With such a wide variety in quality available, costs vary from under $100 up to about $250.

Natural hair systems: These are harvested from human hair so the look and feel are completely natural. You can perm, color, or style natural hair systems just like you would your natural hair. As expected, natural or human hair systems as they are called, are more expensive than synthetic ones. We can tell from this Amazon listing that prices for natural hair systems generally start at about $200. This could go up to and beyond the $500 mark depending on other features.  

Base Material

Discussion on different base materials used in hair systems generally refers to synthetic ones. It is the part of the hair system on which the hair is attached.

Lace is most popular because it is both lightweight and breathable. The lightweight prevents the feeling of heaviness on your head and breathability makes it comfortable in warm weather when you are likely to sweat a lot. Lavivid Hair puts the cost of lace-based hair systems between $180 and $250.

Poly or skin bases have their strength in how they seem to ‘disappear’ when the hair system is worn. They are transparent so one only sees the wearer’s skin through the base material. Hair system experts also prefer skin bases because they are easier to use with tape or adhesive compared to lace. For these, you will have to part with between $100 and $450.

A silk base is the most expensive option which makes the hair system feather light and comfortable. However, it requires a lot more caution because the material is thin and delicate. Lavivid estimates silk-base hair systems cost $200 or more depending on other features. 


If you are looking for a precise figure to work with in terms of cost for a great hair system, you are not going to get one. There are lots of factors that determine the price tag of a specific piece, starting from its size, type of hair used, hair density, and the base on which the hair is attached.

A standard guideline is that natural hair is more expensive than synthetic hair and custom-made pieces work great but will definitely have you digging deeper into your pocket. 

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