24 Best Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics around the World

Scalp micropigmentation is still considered a relatively new technology in the hair restoration industry and the skill has spread to more or less all corners of the globe. Wherever you are in the world, you can find a scalp micropigmentation artist and a facility where treatment is done.

That however is not to say that you can rest easy by simply going online and settling for the first and nearest clinic you can find. 

Do your own research.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of taking time to do your own research before settling on a facility and a technician. Whether you are in the U.S or the UK where you are spoiled for choice, or in other parts of the world where there are only a handful of clinics in the entire region, the rule of thumb holds true.

Take time to do some research on the facility and read any reviews available. It is also necessary to meet the specific technician who will be doing your SMP treatment, and look at pictures of other treatments he/she has done in the recent past. 

Qualified technicians will have no problem showing you their certifications. This way, you are sure you are in good hands both in terms of the facility and the individual technician. Any side effects will be minimal and manageable.

Read on for our compilation of the best 23 scalp micropigmentation clinics around the world. Our list is intended to help you cover the first few steps of your search for a quality SMP job from whichever part of the globe you may be. However, it is compiled to the best of our knowledge but not verified individually in terms of how good the results are.


Scalp micropigmentation is a relatively new procedure in the industry so it is not surprising that most reputable clinics are in the U.S. From here we inevitably zoom in on New York City which is considered the ultimate American destination for SMP procedures. 

i.                     Scalp Micro USA

This is arguably the most successful and most recommended SMP clinic in the U.S. It is often booked 7 days a week, with the highest number of reviews and testimonials in the country.

Lead practitioner and head consultant Matthew lulo is the man behind the franchise which also owns YouTube’s most popular SMP channel. It answers questions about the treatment and provides walk-throughs to allow potential clients to fully understand the procedure.

Aside from New York, they have practices in Los Angeles, Houston, and Austin. 

ii.                     Gerow Hair Ink


    Compared to other franchises, Gerow Hair Ink is a young one. Having been established in 2016, it is several years old but has made a name for itself thanks to highly professional service and advanced techniques. 

Gerow Hair Ink was set up by Jonathan Gerow and Erik Roberto. The former is a renowned name in the industry and the latter is a master barber with more than 20 years of experience. 

Their vision is to make SMP treatment the number one option for people dealing with hair loss. They also emphasize on the fact that SMP is not only useful for balding but can also be used to thicken thinning hair.

You can find Gerow Hair Ink practices in New York City, Houston Texas, and Lancaster Pennsylvania.

iii.                     Inkredible scalp

The inkredible scalp clinic, located in New York claims to be the first and only SMP clinic in the city which offers both scalp micropigmentation and tricopigmentation

If you are wondering what tricopigmentation is, it is similar to SMP but is different in that it is a temporary treatment that lasts between 6 and 18 months before it fades completely.

The aim is to provide both permanent and semi-permanent treatment depending on the needs and preferences of each client. 

This clinic’s philosophy is that hair loss should not be as dreaded as it is for so many men. They are out to change this by making it a much less stressful experience and proving that, as their name suggests, it is incredibly easy to deal with hair loss without breaking the bank.

According to Inkredible scalp, it is not about how many SMP treatments they perform in a week but rather the number of lives they change. 

iv.                     Zang Scalp Micropigmentation

If you are in or around Los Angeles, Zang SMP is a great option to consider for your expert SMP treatment. Zang SMP stands out thanks to the founding practitioner, Zang Miah’s many years of experience. He is considered one of the first SMP technicians in the world and a pioneer of the modern-day technique. 

Zang has treated more than a few notable names including NBA players, professional footballers, and television celebrities. His work contributed to the explosive interest and boom in SMP technology witnessed several years ago. 

Zang works with two other experts, Walter and Marian who have grown to become renowned names after years of tutelage under Zang himself.

v. Scalp Logic

Scalp Logic is an SMP clinic in New Caney, Texas which is out to provide expert, individualized treatment, as well as advice before and after the procedure. 

The two main artists are Joe Taylor and Nichole Munoz. Joe has been practicing in the industry for more than a decade, and Nichole is a renowned aesthetician and tattoo artist.

With SMP treatment growing in popularity, the duo has identified the need for more qualified artists and has established a training arm of the clinic. Here aspiring SMP professionals get virtual or in-person training sessions with the same attention to individual needs given to SMP clients. 


i.                     Ink2Scalp SMP Studios

Based in Whitby, Ontario this scalp micropigmentation practice bases its operation on personalized treatment, professionalism, and confidentiality. 

Where professionalism is concerned, Co-director and master artist Yvette Greenall says that no two men are treated the same. She insists that she doesn’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach but rather that every individual’s needs must be identified. 

Yvette who is certified by a world-renowned SMP academy adds her background in aesthetics to reasons why this should be a clinic to consider for your SMP treatment in Canada.

She and her co-director Trevor Greenall also emphasize confidentiality to assure clients who prefer to keep their treatment private that they have little to worry about. 

ii.                    Advanced Scalp Clinic

This Western Canada clinic is owned and run by Rob James who is one of Vancouver’s busiest scalp micropigmentation artists. 

The England-born technician has more than 1,000 SMP procedures under his belt, giving him more than sufficient experience to carry his title as one of the best. He has made a name for extremely realistic and natural results as well as exceptional client service. 

Unlike many SMP artists who have their professional backgrounds in aesthetics, James has his in fine art. Now you understand his claim that SMP is not just a hair loss treatment, it is an art.

James also offers a 3-day intensive SMP certification course through which he trains and mentors artists entering the industry. 

iii. Chroma Clinic

The Chroma Clinic in Vancouver, BC Canada prides itself in the ability to design totally bespoke treatments for each individual client. If specialization is important to you, this facility is worth considering because SMP is all they do and they have mastered the art to perfection.

Jordan, who is the owner and lead technician at the clinic knows how frustrating hair loss can be. He recounts how he began to lose his hair in his twenties and tried every available option with little success before discovering scalp micropigmentation.

iv. Microcapillaire – Toronto

Microcapillaire in the heart of Toronto is another one of Canada’s leading scalp micropigmentation clinics. They specialize in SMP with expertise in the treatment for balding,  thinning, receding hairlines, and even SMP used to conceal scars.

The face behind this facility is Katie Hubert who is passionate about men’s ability to live and perform at their best which she says starts from looking their best. She is also a Master SMP trainer imparting her knowledge to young aspiring technicians.


    i.   Skalp Clinic – UK

At Skalp clinic, it is clear from the onset that quality service and standards are of paramount importance. They say only 5% of the world’s SMP artists qualify to work at Skalp. All the rest simply don’t meet their standards.

All the artists are artistic minds ranging from sculptors, graphics designers, and sketch artists. Each one is exhaustively trained and has an innately obsessive attention to detail.

Skalp is happy to remind potential clients that all their technicians have had SMP treatment done themselves, so you are assured every one of them can relate to your hair loss struggle. 

Skalp have clinics in London, Manchester, Dublin, Edinburgh. As well as state side in Los Angeles and New York. 

ii.                Skalptec – UK

Skalptec London

Skalptec is a leading scalp micropigmentation clinic in the UK with practices in 6 locations including Liverpool, Newcastle, Jersey, Shrewsbury, and Rotterdam.

The founder Terence Jones is a 3-time UK national award winner and is regarded as one of the best SMP technicians in the world. The London practice is headed by Simon Symeou who started out as a trainee after his own scalp micropigmentation treatment at the facility. 

When the company got an opportunity to open up in London, he was the natural choice thanks to the unmatched quality and consistency of his procedures. 

iii.   Creative Scalps Hair Clinic – UK

Creative Scalps Hair Clinic

If discretion is important to you, Creative Scalps will be ideal for you. It is a small private facility in Crawley Sussex. 

The founder and lead technician Marc Allen is a former celebrity barber and award-winning scalp micropigmentation artist. With more than 25 years of barbering experience, Allen knows more than a thing or two about men’s hair. 

He offers the treatment for balding and thinning hair as well as other circumstances such as hairline repair and covering hair transplant scars.

He also offers virtual training through which aspiring scalp micropigmentation artists can learn the art before venturing into the industry.

iv. Elixir Pigmentation London – UK

Do you live a strictly vegan lifestyle and are feeling somewhat conflicted about using regular pigmentation in your SMP treatment? Perhaps you have an exceptionally sensitive scalp that is likely to react to inks used at every other SMP clinic.

Elixir Pigmentation London is perhaps the only SMP clinic in the city that takes all these concerns into consideration. Here you get not just a gold-standard procedure but one with natural, vegan-friendly organic pigments ideal for men with allergies, sensitive skin, or just strict vegan ways.

Procedures are carried out by Jay Grewal and his team of elite artists, Jay an award-winning SMP artist often described as London’s finest SMP artist.

Jay has extensive experience specifically in combining SMP treatment with hair transplant results.

This is a combination he is more than familiar with having undergone a hair transplant at the young age of 23, followed by SMP treatment several years later.

With Jay frequently travelling to the UAE for procedures and training he has amassed a fan following, all over the middle east.

The London clinic is the first of what he hopes will be a chain of Elixir clinics, with one being opened in Dubai very soon.

v. Skalp – Marbella – Spain

Mentioning Skalp probably brings to mind the several Skalp SMP clinics in the UK and the US. However, if you are in Europe, you can get the same quality service from the Skalp Marbella clinic in Southern Spain.

Being leaders in the SMP industry, basic considerations such as hygiene, health, and safety are taken care of. On top of that comes high-end pampering. You get settled on to a luxurious massage chair for the duration of your treatment and can choose to listen to your choice of music, watch a movie or chat with your artist as he brings your hairline back to life. 

Marbella is a resort city so this clinic serves as a great option for tourists looking to combine their treatment with a vacation. For clients who prefer absolute discretion, home or hotel visits can be arranged on request.


i.                    Scalp Micropigmentation Australia

Scalp Micropigmentation Australia was set up in 2015 by Caitlin James who has over the years earned a name as one of the best SMP artists in Australia.  She is a trained hair transplant technician and previously worked in laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and laser skin rejuvenation at one of Adelaide’s busiest laser clinics. 

James is the chief SMP artist at the Adelaide practice though you can find other Scalp Micropigmentation Australia practices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. 

ii.                   Novoscalp Clinic

Novoscalp clinic Australia was founded in 2005 by Master practitioner Brett Smith who has a background in fine art. He was one of the early providers of SMP in Australia and has attended numerous SMP pieces of training around the world.

Novoscalp’s selling points are the use of the latest SMP technology such as unique, single cartridge tattoo needles and organic, FDA-approved pigments.

iii.                 Luxe Micro

If you are in Australia, this South East Melbourne SMP clinic is another option to consider. Lead practitioner Marcin knows all too well how disturbing hair loss can be as he experienced early hair loss in his mid-twenties. 

Apart from outstanding technical and artistic expertise, Luxe Micro also offers something many practitioners tend to overlook. That is confidentiality. He also offers his services at hotels or home visits to cater to celebrities and any other clients who would rather not visit the clinic in order to keep their procedure completely private.


When we first began our search for scalp micropigmentation clinics in Asia, we expected to be spoiled for choice because of countries like India, which is a world-renowned medical tourist destination, and Turkey whose capital city is the hair transplant capital of the world. 
However, if you are looking for clinics that specialize in SMP, the list of options is surprisingly short. A majority of facilities offer SMP services alongside hair transplantation and other cosmetic procedures.

i. Hair Scalp Center – Thailand     

This clinic, in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand specializes in scalp micropigmentation for alopecia, to conceal scars left after hair transplants and to create an illusion of density for thinning hair.

The facility is certified by world-class academies and has bagged awards such as Asia Artist of the Year at the World Scalp Micropigmentation Awards in 2019. Hair Scalp Center was a finalist for the Best International Technician Award under Scalp Guru in 2018.

Aspiring artists can be trained under the clinic which offers an SMP Essentials course and an SMP Master Practitioner course.    

ii.  Phuket Hair Clinic – Thailand

 Phuket Hair Clinic is another one of Thailand’s specialists in scalp micropigmentation. SMP is the only procedure available so it is not a surprise that they have an impressive grasp of the art.

 The clinic is strategically located in Phuket, an island city that is home to many of Thailand’s high-end resorts, spas, and restaurants. It targets tourists who would like to combine their SMP treatment with their vacation whether it be for convenience or discretion purposes. 

All equipment and pigments are imported so you are assured of the same world-class treatment you would get in other parts of the world.   

iii. MSP Clinic – Thailand      

MSP ( abbreviation for microscalp pigmentation) is one of Thailand’s leading SMP clinics located in the capital Bangkok. Here you can get the same quality service you would get in the U.S, the UK, or Australia because the staff is trained in reputable clinics abroad, and tools and pigments are all imported. The only difference is that it is available at a fraction of the cost.

Being in a region with numerous underqualified SMP technicians selling themselves as professionals, MSP clinic has made a name for successfully fixing numerous botched SMP procedures. 

The Middle East 

Interesting dynamics surround scalp micropigmentation treatment in the Middle East mainly because the majority of the region’s population is of the Islamic faith. 

The debate about whether or not scalp micropigmentation is acceptable in this culture continues therefore making it a treatment few local men would consider. Clinics offering scalp micropigmentation are unsurprising, available in cosmopolitan cities like Dubai, Amman, Tel-Aviv, and Beirut where western influence makes these and other restorative procedures more acceptable. 

i.                     7 Derma Center – Dubai

The 7 Derma clinic in Dubai specializes in aesthetic treatments such as laser hair removal, face contouring, and semi-permanent makeup. Scalp micropigmentation also features on their list of services, not forgetting to mention that it was the first clinic in Dubai to be recommended by Team Micro. 


Despite comparatively slow technological advancements in cosmetic procedures, Africa has made impressive strides in the field with a few notable facilities in cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria and South Africa. 

i.                     Hilton Hair SMP Clinics – South Africa

The 3 Hilton Hair scalp micropigmentation clinics in South Africa are owned and run by Malcolm Hilton, an SMP specialist who started out as a tattoo artist.

With many years of international experience, he became a recognized tattoo technician but later ventured into SMP after noticing an increasing demand for his skill in the beauty and aesthetic field.

He has clinics in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. 

ii. SMP Africa – South Africa

SMP Africa is one of South Africa’s leading scalp micropigmentation clinics located in the prestigious  De Waterkant District in Cape Town.

Director and senior practitioner Kim Jessop leads a team of qualified technicians trained under Brandwood International clinic in the UK. The leam team of artists is mentored by industry experts Paul Clarke and Simon Lane. 

This facility uses 100% vegan, organic pigment which is said to speed up the healing process after the treatment. 

iii. HED Scalp Micropigmentation – South Africa

This is a men’s boutique studio that specializes in scalp micropigmentation for scar concealment, density, and alopecia. It is based in the Brow Boutique located close to the scenic Water Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Ruimsig in Johannesburg.

Jess Holingdrake, the owner and the master technician was one of the first microblading artists in South Africa, after completing International Master’s training in microblading, permanent makeup and color knowledge, and pigment removal. 

She works with Sheldon Smith, a professional tattoo artist who himself suffered hair loss at a young age. His experience led him towards SMP after which he expanded his tattooing expertise into SMP. 


The modern-day skill of scalp micropigmentation has its roots in the US, so it is no surprise that this is where you will find the highest number of clinics and most advanced technologies. Canada and the UK have not been left too far behind with fewer facilities, but just as advanced technology.

Interesting dynamics emerge in other regions of the world such as the Middle East where the predominant faith and culture have played a role in slowing down the rate at which scalp micropigmentation is accepted. 

In Asia, India and Turkey which have for decades been growing as medical tourism destinations, have embraced scalp micropigmentation and cosmetic procedures alongside other medical technological advancements. 

Another trend to note is that in the US and the UK, where there are numerous facilities, the most reputable clinics specialize in scalp micropigmentation. In other regions such as South America and Africa where there are much fewer facilities to choose from, those available have scalp micropigmentation as part of a host of other cosmetic procedures like permanent makeup, various forms of facial reconstruction, liposuction, breast augmentation, and the like.   



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