Top 4 SMP Youtube Channels worth subscribing to

Top 6 Scalp Micropigmentation YouTube Channels worth Subscribing to

Whether you are considering getting scalp micropigmentation or have already had it done, the one common challenge in any man’s SMP journey is a lack of sufficient credible information. This is why we so often turn to the internet.

It is an ideal source because you can go about your research privately and get basic questions answered. 

YouTube lends itself well considering that details around the SMP process are best explained visually. Numerous SMP companies have set up YouTube channels dedicated to the treatment and often serve as great sources for men seeking credible information. 

Here is a list of the top 6 scalp micropigmentation YouTube channels worth subscribing to. All incorporate client testimonials to some degree, alongside varying forms of information ranging from expert advice, training guides, roundtable discussions, and Q and A’s.

Scalp Micro USA

Scalp Micro USA is perhaps the most well-known SMP Company in the US. Despite being younger than others, it has outdone itself in terms of marketing and awareness creation on this treatment. 

The YouTube channel, also one of the most-watched SMP channels online, boasts of more than 23,000 subscribers. Content includes client testimonials, round table discussions among men who have undergone the treatment, and training guides.


Skalp is a UK-based scalp micropigmentation company with clinics in London, Los Angeles, New York, Tel Aviv, Marbella, Dublin, and Manchester. 

Skalp’s YouTube channel aims to provide information that will put fearful men who are considering the treatment at ease. It features numerous personalities, some of them celebrities, who have had scalp micropigmentation done at Skalp clinics.

They give encouraging testimonials about their personal hair loss journeys and the relief they enjoyed after the treatment. The Skalp YouTube channel has about 100 posted videos and more than 2 million views (as of early 2022). 

Gerow Hair Ink

Gerow Hair Ink is a US-based scalp micropigmentation company with clinics in New York, Houston, Texas, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

The Gerow Hair Ink YouTube channel boasts about 1,200 subscribers and about 260,000 views (as of early 2022). It focuses on testimonials from men who endorse the treatment and recommend the clinic for scalp micropigmentation. 

Aside from testimonials, you will also find posts in the form of talks, tutorials and tips, and reviews. Through these, viewers get expert advice and common questions answered such as how to go about after-care following treatment or how to cut your hair after SMP. 

Creative Scalps

Creative Scalps is owned and operated by celebrity barber and SMP technician Marc Allen. He has a small, discreet clinic in Crawley, Sussex, and another in Arizona in the US. 

This channel features posts with testimonials from men who have had the treatment done at the clinic and are more than happy with the results. 

Allen spends a good chunk of time training aspiring SMP technicians so his Masterclasses form several posts on the channel. Also included are lifestyle tips such as hairstyles appropriate after SMP treatment.

Scalp Logic

New Caney, Texas is home to Scalp Logic. Joe Taylor, the lead artist, has been in the SMP industry for more than a decade. He uses the platform to showcase his expertise through numerous informational videos and posts intended to answer common questions before and after SMP treatment. 

Posts also include podcasts and live sessions which help his audience fully understand the SMP process and demystify the treatment. 

Ink2Scalp SMP Studios

Ink2Scalp SMP Studios in Ontario Canada is one of the country’s most renowned SMP clinics. Like many other similar YouTube channels, this clinic’s channel will give you more than a few testimonials from happy clients who have had their treatment done at the clinic.

It is clear that they have gone out of their way to find out what the most common questions and concerns men have about the treatment. The bulk of videos set out to address these concerns while giving tips on how to manage some common challenges in the SMP journey.


Scalp micropigmentation YouTube channels are a great source of information for anyone looking to get basic questions answered. For men who are uncertain about the potential benefits, the long list of happy clients will no doubt help to allay fears which often keep men from taking the plunge. 

It is worth noting, however, that all these channels are run by SMP companies that are out to market their individual establishments. If you are looking to settle on a clinic for your treatment, it is advisable to carry out more thorough research in order to get a more balanced opinion on each facility. 



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