8 Celebrities you would be surprised to Know Wear Hair Systems 

There is no debate about it. That sinking feeling you get when you have to admit to yourself that yes, you are losing hair,  is a terrible one. 

What makes it worse is watching many men on television who may be much older than you sport perfect-looking hair without a single patch or thin spot. They must have really good genes right? 

No. That is not always the case. It should be comforting to know that a good number of male celebrities whose perfect locks you have always admired are actually wearing hair systems. That envied perfection is not all-natural after all. 

Here is our compilation of 8 celebrities you would be surprised to know wear hair systems.

Charlie Sheen

He is a man of multiple identities. Born Carlos Irwin Esteves, professionally known as Charlie Sheen and best known by his fans as Charlie Harper; his stage name in the popular TV series Two and a Half Men. 

Whatever you choose to call him, this is one male celebrity who never fails to turn heads rocking his signature thick, dark locks. Despite being one of the highest-paid actors on television, he is said to have suffered hair loss and opted to wear a hairpiece for his acting jobs and for public appearances.  Although he has never openly admitted it, we know that’s not all his natural hair since he has been spotted numerous times with an obviously balding head, only to reappear in the limelight with a full head of gorgeous mane. 

Hugh Laurie

This English actor wears multiple hats. He is also a director, author, musician, and comedian. Literally speaking, he also wears something close to a hat to conceal his balding head. 

You probably know him from his role in the US. Medical drama series titled ‘House’.  When not on set, Laurie has no qualms about flaunting his balding head. On set, however, Dr. House has a full, dense head of hair which is part of this popular character’s identity.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is a stunning English actor who began his film career as a teen, playing Cedric in the fantasy film ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.’ He came into the limelight, gaining worldwide recognition for his role as Edward Cullen in the popular 2008 film series ‘The Twilight Saga.’ 

The character Edward Cullen was famous for fluffy, brown locks, a look he reveals was curated using hair systems and wigs. He was in his mid-twenties at the time but had to use hair systems due to baldness and hair thinning caused by over-styling and bleaching for previous film roles.

Pattinson is one of a growing number of younger men forced to use hair systems, not due to age-related balding, but as a result of damaged hair. 

Pattinson admits that he was not particularly pleased about having to wear a wig and even branded the ginger hairpiece Frankenstein’s Monster’. He added that it was actually an amalgamation of six different wigs combined into one. 

Al Pacino

This Hollywood legend is not new to our screens. He has been in the industry for more than half a century and has received numerous awards including Primetime Emmy Awards and 2 Tony Awards. 

There is no doubt that Al Pacino wears a hair system because we have seen pictures of his patchy head quickly followed by a full head of hair at public events. He is said to have a collection of wigs which according to critics don’t all look great on him. 

Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer is one of few men who not only speaks publicly about his hair loss but goes further to make jokes about it. This star describes his look as an ‘elaborate illusion’ and comically adds that he has only four or five hairs on his head. 

While attending a show, he had the impressive courage to admit that he was wearing a toupee; making it clear that he sees no point in keeping hair loss a secret. 

Jay Leno

James Douglas Leno, also known as Jay Leno is the popular television host and comedian who hosted NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ and later ‘The Jay Leno Show’.

Leno won the hearts of his audience for never failing to leave them in stitches but also left many wondering how he managed to maintain such thick hair even at a fairly advanced age.

Yes, it is a hairpiece;  worn to conceal hair loss. It is not clear how long he has been wearing one and exactly how much coverage he needs but we are not so envious of his luscious locks anymore. 

Nicolas Cage

Born Nicholas Kim Coppola, this iconic Hollywood personality has made a name as one of television’s most talented actors. He began his acting career in his teens and has a long chain of blockbuster movies under his belt. He is best known for his roles in hit movies ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, ‘Con Air’ and ‘Leaving Las Vegas.’

It is believed that he wore his natural hair on-screen until sometime in the late nineties when fans began to see drastic changes in his hairstyling. Fans joked that they looked forward to seeing his latest releases not just to enjoy the movie, but also to see what they did with his hair for that role. 

In an exclusive interview, Cage says he loves to wear hair systems in movies but doesn’t wear them in his personal life. 

Matthew McConaughey

He is the Academy Award-winning actor who starred in the TV series ‘True Detective’ as well as films like ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and ‘Dazed and Confused.’ 

If you ever admired McConaughey’s curly blonde hair, now you know you admired a well-selected and applied hair system. It is not clear if he is totally bald but pictures of him show that he started losing hair more than two decades ago, so we can assume there isn’t much of it left today. 

Bottom Line

It is true that hair loss can be immensely disturbing for men. It is also true that it is important to do something about your hair loss as soon as it begins, especially if it takes a toll on your self-esteem. 

However, you now know better than to obsess about why some men have such great hair when you don’t. Chances are the guy whose hair you are admiring has less natural hair than you do but chooses to conceal bald spots with a well-selected hair system. 


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