15 Celebrities with Scalp Micropigmentation

Admit it, gentlemen. More than half of the times you find yourself feeling terrible about your thinning hair or balding head, it is after looking at guys with neatly shaven hair and faultless hairlines.

Well, chances are that some of those celebrities with hairlines cut to perfection have had scalp micropigmentation. A growing number of prominent personalities are opting for this procedure as a solution to hair loss.

Here is a list of 15 celebrities with scalp micropigmentation; holding their now flawless heads up high with confidence you can’t help but admire.

Jamie Fox

Eric Marlon Bishop who is professionally known as Jamie Foxx is one of the most well-known figures wearing the short buzz-cut. Foxx made a name after he won an Academy Award for his epic portrayal of Ray Charles in the 2004 biographical film ‘Ray.’ 

His SMP look has become one of the most requested styles by men seeking scalp micropigmentation procedures.

J. Manifest

Source: Scalp Micro USA

J. Manifest, better known as ‘J’ is a well-known music producer who says he started balding at the age of 25. Progressive hair loss had him dealing with emotional struggles for more than 10 years.

It took a toll on his self-esteem which gradually dropped over the years. When his girlfriend came across scalp micropigmentation online, it started his journey towards renewed confidence. 

Andros Townsend


Andros Darryl Townsend had his SMP procedure done back in 2016 after dealing with hair loss for a few years. The English professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Everton, is believed to have suffered a classic case of male pattern baldness.

Townsend’s celebrity status deprived him of the privacy many men enjoy when even family and friends don’t get to know about the procedure. Fans and journalists quickly noticed his new ‘hair’ and it became the subject of discussion in several English columns.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel SMP

Mark Sinclair, professionally known as Vin Diesel, also rocks a pigmented scalp. This action star and filmmaker who is best known for his role as Dominic in the ‘Fast and the Furious’ series is another SMP icon whose look has been used to persuade men to try it.

Alex Beresford

Source: Bustle

If you thought stepping out your door with a balding head was difficult, try standing in front of cameras and thousands of viewers. This television presenter at Good Morning Britain spent years wondering how to deal with his hair loss and chose to keep a fully shaven head before he discovered SMP.

He now faces his audience with confidence induced by that characteristic clean-shaven buzz cut.

Justus Samuel

For Justus Samuel, his balding head is the reason he came to be associated with hats. In an attempt to hide his head, he would wear a heavy fedora hat, even when he was formally dressed in a suit. Only with his scalp hidden, was he confident enough to stand in front of audiences during rap festivals and community projects.

Quinton Fortune

Quinton Fortune SMP

This former Manchester United footballer had his scalp micropigmentation treatment in September of 2009. It was done in Manchester at HIS Hair Clinic with guidance from celebrity hairstylist Daniel Johnson.

He is now the first team coach for Reading Football Club.

George Farah

George Victor Farah is a celebrity body-building trainer who believed that all physical challenges could be resolved by fitness. Progressive hair loss taught him otherwise when he realized that a receding hairline couldn’t be dealt with simply, even if he was in such great shape.

His treatment was done at Scalp Aesthetics clinic Rochester, New York.

Daniel Johnson

It is ironic that a man whose job it is to make sure his male clients always look great would struggle with his own hair. That was the case for celebrity hairstylist Daniel Johnson. He traveled the world with members of the England football squad to ensure their appearances were always on top form.

He had his initial treatment at HIS hair clinic and later got some touch-ups done at Skalp clinic in London.

Ricky Bell

We mentioned that Jamie Foxx’s pigmented scalp has inspired many men to try the treatment. Ricky Bell is one of them.

Ricardo Bell, the American singer, and actor better known as Ricky Bell came into the limelight as one of the founding members of the popular eighties R&B group New Edition. He was also the lead singer of Bell Biv DeVoe. 

Bell learned about the procedure from his friend ‘the Fox’ and celebrity barber Benny Blades.

Nicky Jam

This American singer, songwriter, and actor is best known for hits such as En la Cama, ‘’X’’ and Te Busco. He has made a name in Spanish music and also acted in popular films like XXX: Return of Xander Cage and Bad Boys for life. 

He had his scalp micropigmentation treatment in 2016 after years of covering his balding head with hats.

Adee Phelan

Adee Phelan makes a living by styling men’s hair. It is this British celebrity hairdresser, who owns several premium hair salons in the UK, who was behind David Beckham’s Mohawk cut prior to the 2002 World Cup. A look that won him the Image of the Year Award that year.

His scalp micropigmentation treatment was done in 2012 at HIS Hair Clinic.

Louis Rankin

Louis Rankin is an American NFL football player who says he began noticing that his hair was thinning at the age of 24. Although it was not particularly noticeable at the time, it progressed and he eventually decided to do something about it.

After his scalp micropigmentation procedure, he recalls that no one really noticed that he had had some treatment done. However, one person asked how it is that he always has a fresh haircut.


Giovanni is a popular Latin singer, songwriter, and producer who also wears the scalp micropigmentation style with a smile after years of struggling with hair loss. After his treatment, he described the feeling as more than a physical improvement, but also an emotional experience.

Like many men who have had the procedure, he agrees that it makes him look and feel younger.

Damon Elliott

Damon Elliott seems to have conquered it all when it comes to acting, composing and of course record production. This award-winning producer struggled with feelings of insecurity for many years because of his baldness and often hid under a hat.

He had what he refers to as his life-changing scalp micropigmentation treatment in early 2016 and has no regrets.


You watch them on your screen and think how fortunate they are to have such perfect hair and a faultless hairline. Now you know that their fortune could very well be nothing more than a professionally done scalp micropigmentation treatment job.

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