Top 5 Men’s Hair Loss Products to Pack When Traveling on Holiday

The primary purpose of going on holiday is to relax. However, that is not to say that you can’t look great while getting that much-needed rest.

Then there are the numerous pictures you are going to take to allow you to keep lifelong memories of the experience. If you are dealing with hair loss, what used to be pure excitement before a holiday could now be diluted by nagging anxiety about how you will look in all those photos. 

Whether or not your holiday pictures find their way on to Instagram, it is not vain to want to look your best. That is why you need to pack a small but well-thought-out arsenal of hair care products.

Here is our list of the top 5 men’s hair loss products to pack when traveling on holiday.

Viviscal Full Force thickening shampoo

With thin hair, you may find that what used to be fabulous pictures taken at the beach now leave you looking like a mad scientist with stubborn strands sailing in the wind. 

Viviscal fortifying shampoo is fortified with keratin, biotin, and zinc which keeps hair looking healthy; and adds body to give hair a thicker and fuller appearance. 

It comes in a relatively small tube that weighs only 0.6 pounds (270 grams). The tube’s dimensions are 5 by 8 by 20 cm so you won’t have trouble making space for it in your holiday bag. 

Key Features

  • Fortified with keratin, biotin, and zinc
  • Paraben and silicone-free
  • Contains sulfates

Toppik hair building fibers

Toppik hair fibers are great for use while on holiday because it is a quality product that is available in a small travel-size container.

It is made from pure, organic keratin protein very similar to the one in human hair. You don’t have to worry about bad weather. Toppik stays on all day, even in rain, wind, or with heavy perspiration.

You can use Toppik while on hair growth drugs like Minoxidil without worrying about the risk of incompatibility problems. 

Key Features

  • Available in convenient travel size ( 3 grams)
  • Made from organic keratin
  • Rain, wind, and perspiration resistant

Tresemme freeze hold hair spray

Tresemme hair spray serves the crucial purpose of holding your perfectly styled hair in place all day, regardless of the weather.

This is a professional quality product that, unlike many competing holding sprays, doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Your hair is secured in place but doesn’t get stiff, so it still feels soft and flexible. 

It can be used alongside other products such as thickening hair fibers without compromising its effect. You can get it in a small 1.5 oz. travel size bottle. 

Key features

  • 24-hour freeze control
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue
  • Can be used with hair fibers

MR Jamie Stevens disguise spray

Disguise spray conceals thinning or receding areas by blending with the scalp. 

MR Jamie Stevens spray contains pea peptide which nourishes and thickens the hair shaft; and water-resistant polymers which prevent color running if you get caught in the rain. Soy amino acids, wheat, and corn help to strengthen hair by hydrating it.

A uniquely designed nozzle on the aerosol can allows for easy and targeted application with every use. The 100 ml can is small enough to fit in your suitcase or side pockets of a backpack.

Key features

  •  Available in brown, dark brown, and black
  • Contains wheat, corn, and soy amino acids
  • Nozzle for targeted spraying

OGX Renewing argan oil

If like many holidays, yours involves swimming, you will need a product to protect your hair from the harsh effects of chlorine. 

Argan oil contains omega-6 and omega-9 which not only condition hair but also coat strands when applied before a swim. This coating seals in natural sebum so no natural oil is lost, and also protects the hair shaft so it never comes into contact with chlorine. 

This oil also shields hair from damage caused by heat and UV rays. Being a rich source of vitamin E, argan oil also improves hair health by reducing oxidative stress.  

Key features

  • Great for chlorine and UV protection
  • Conditions hair
  • Suitable for all hair types 


You don’t have to choose between enjoying your holiday and great looking hair. You can have both if you take the right hair loss products with you. Finding convenient travel sizes of products allows you to travel light with little thought to space requirements. These containers are so small, you can tuck them in anywhere, even when packing with space constraints. 



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