How long do hair replacement systems last.

How Long do Hair Replacement Systems Last?

According to experts, a quality hair replacement system lasts anywhere between 2 and 12 months. With such a wide range, you are probably wondering what you would need to do to make your hair piece’s lifespan fall on the higher end of the range. 

Well, it boils down to the materials used to construct the hair system and then differences in how well it is cared for.

Here is a look at the three main factors which determine just how long you can enjoy your hair replacement system before it starts to wear out. 

Quality of Base Material

The material used to construct the system’s base does, to a large extent, determine how long it lasts. There are three main types of base material. Here is a look at them and average lifespans

Skin base hair systems: These have a very light and super thin layer of polyurethane which keeps the hair system in place by clinging to the scalp. Skin bases last 4 to 6 weeks.

Lace hair systems: Lace is a light, breathable and comfortable material that makes hair systems comfortable even in warm weather. These have hair hand-tied to the base, therefore, making it completely undetectable. French lace, which is the more common type used, lasts between 4 and 6 months. 

Monofilament bases are made entirely of polyurethane material. Hair is directly knotted onto the poly and sealed off by more layers of polyskin. These are most durable as they last between 6 and 9 months. 

Type of Hair Used

The three main types of hair used to make replacement systems are synthetic, natural, and Remy hair. 

Synthetic hair is made from fine plastic filaments which are treated to maintain its shine and styling. Hair systems with this type of hair have the shortest lifespan, lasting a couple of weeks with daily use.

Signs that it is time to replace a synthetic hair replacement system include loss of shine and fraying. It also tends to get frizzy as it approaches the end of its lifespan.

Natural hair, also known as human hair is hair harvested from people, usually Chinese or Indian as they naturally have very strong and fine hair. These hair replacement systems are of the finest quality and are much like natural hair which can be heat treated and colored.

With daily use, natural hair replacement systems can serve you anywhere between 6 and 9 months. 

Remy hair is essentially natural hair but with special processing to increase its lifespan. The cuticles of all strands are aligned in the same direction, therefore, minimizing friction and increasing durability. With proper care, Remy hair replacement systems can last a year or more. 

Maintenance Routine

It must be said that even the highest quality hair system won’t last as long as it could if it is not properly cared for. 

Basic maintenance includes regular cleaning using high-quality shampoo and detangling to prevent knots and tangles. Only use hair-piece safe brushes as these are designed to minimize shedding.  

Apply conditioners made specifically for the hair type used. This helps to maintain its shine and ensures it doesn’t get worn out quickly.

To prevent excessive friction, swap your cotton pillowcase for a silk one. Silk prevents excessive friction which quickly degrades hair replacement systems. 


There is no single answer to questions around the lifespan of hair replacement systems. It depends on the specific materials used to construct the hair system. Some base materials are more durable than others and natural hair lasts a lot longer than synthetic hair.

How well the piece is cared for makes a huge difference where durability is concerned. In fact, lifespans for two identical pieces bought on the same day could vary widely due to different maintenance routines.








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