How realistic do hair systems look these days

How Realistic do Hair Systems Look These Days?

For many men dealing with hair loss, the recommendation to try a hair replacement system is met by instant rejection.

An unequivocal ‘Hell No!’ based on numerous negative impressions created in the past. Images of men who have worn admittedly terrible-looking toupees which were so obviously artificial. 

But the truth is that hair replacement systems for men nowadays can look unbelievably realistic. Many men say they have used a hair system for months and even their close friends and colleagues cannot tell that it is not their natural hair. 

Read on for our take on what has changed. Why hair systems today can look so realistic, followed by a few world-famous celebrities who wear hair systems to cover thinning hair or balding heads.

Why Hair Systems Nowadays Look so Realistic


Hair systems are available in two main materials: synthetic and natural. The most realistic hair systems are made from natural hair. They easily pass for a man’s natural hair as they are made from actual human hair. 

These can be kept on for extended periods of time and can be washed and treated just like you would your natural hair. 


Customization is another reason hair systems look so realistic. Today you don’t have to make do with awkwardly fitting hairpieces picked off the shelf at a store. You can have a custom-made one done for you. A technician takes a mold of your head and establishes the exact areas you would like covered in order to come up with a piece that meets your individual needs.

In addition to coverage, custom-made hairpieces are made to match the wearer’s hair color and texture so that it blends in perfectly with their natural hair. 

Skill level

It could be argued that we have had natural hairpieces in the market for years and customization is not a particularly new concept. Skill levels, however, have no doubt grown exponentially in the last decade or so. 

You could have a perfectly customized hairpiece made from the best quality natural hair, but if it is applied wrongly, all its perfections go down the drain. 

Today you can find astoundingly talented stylists who have mastered the art of hairpiece application to impeccable detail. Experts in the industry admit that even they struggle to tell a good quality hairpiece applied by a qualified practitioner apart from natural growing hair. 

Celebrities Who Wear Hair Systems

If you are still not persuaded that hair systems can look completely natural, here are a few celebrity personalities whose hair you have probably envied. You will be comforted to know that they too have suffered hair loss, and opted for hairpieces to restore their look. 

 Charlie Sheen

He plays the hedonistic but very attractive bachelor Charlie Harper. His face came to be synonymous with the hugely popular American sitcom, Two and a Half Men.

His dark black locks became a part of his identity throughout his time on the show though it is believed that he wore a hairpiece to create the familiar characteristic look. 

Brad Pitt

He is a two-time winner of People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’.  But hair loss knows no titles. Suspicions that he wears a hairpiece became rife after he attended a red carpet event with obvious bald spots, only to be followed by flawless blonde locks. 

Daniel Craig

His name is Bond. James Bond. This iconic Hollywood actor who played 007 in five Bond movies also dealt with hair loss. Craig reportedly uses a mix of hairpieces and creative combing to hide a balding head. 


If you are contemplating buying a hairpiece but are still afraid that it may look fake, these celebrities should be persuasive enough. The bottom line is that hair replacement systems these days can look amazingly realistic. So real that you could wear one for years and even your close friends wouldn’t tell you that it isn’t your natural hair.

This is not to say that all hair systems in the market are totally undetectable. You have to get your hands on a top-quality piece, preferably custom-made, and have it applied by a professional practitioner. 







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