How realistic is scalp micropigmentation

How Realistic Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

For most men, the main reason they opt for scalp micropigmentation is to recreate the natural look of dense hair and a well-defined hairline. Unlike some ladies who are looking to make a dramatic statement with a new hair-do, men are simply looking to restore what would be considered a normal, subtle look.

This is why the question of how realistic it will look is perhaps the most common issue experts have to address to convince men with hair loss challenges that it is worth considering. Will my scalp micropigmentation look fake? Will it be obvious that I got cosmetic work done?

Read on for answers to these questions; along with details on why ‘natural’ and ‘realistic’ are the last words you would use to describe some scalp micropigmentation treatment jobs.

How Scalp Micropigmentation Works

To understand how and why scalp micropigmentation looks as realistic as it does, let’s take a step back to understand how it works.

SMP, as it is commonly abbreviated, is a form of cosmetic tattooing in which natural pigments are implanted under the top layer of the skin. Pigment implantation is done using a microneedle capable of reaching the minute pores on the scalp.

Why it looks realistic

The reason scalp micropigmentation ends up looking so real is because the pigment is implanted in a series of tiny dots resembling that of natural hair follicles. Once the ink implants have healed, what is left are markings that appear a lot like hair follicles, giving you the look of a freshly barbered cut or buzz-cut on a balding head. In the case of thinning hair, these pigmented dots create an illusion of density or thicker hair. 

How Realistic is Scalp Micropigmentation: Men’s Take

You are considering scalp micropigmentation treatment and are concerned about how realistic it will look. Perhaps the most convincing voices are those of other men who have had the treatment done.

Scalp Micro USA, a top scalp micropigmentation company with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Houston say that their clients get pleasantly surprised when co-workers and even family members fail to notice that they have had cosmetic work done. Many say they notice a new youthful look and a new haircut style, but nothing more.

In this episode on Scalp Micro USA’s YouTube channel titled ‘Life After Scalp Micropigmentation’ one of the guests says that even his girlfriend couldn’t tell that he had had scalp micropigmentation treatment done. This speaks volumes for just how real it looks. If the people closest to you can’t tell, chances are that no one will.

‘GetFitOver40’ YouTube channel host Michael Kaye says it is almost impossible for people to tell his ‘new buzz-cut isn’t real. It takes someone getting really close and focusing on his scalp area to notice that the dots are not actually hair follicles. He adds that when done right, one would have to be at least 6 inches close to notice that his scalp is not actually covered with stubble. 

Factors that determine how realistic scalp micropigmentation looks

There is that potentially curious condition included every time you read about scalp micropigmentation and its effectiveness as a solution to hair loss. ‘If it is done right’ or ‘As long as it is done properly.’ Yes, we never forget to remind you that it has got to be done correctly in order for you to enjoy the described benefits.

From this stems the question: So what determines whether a scalp micropigmentation treatment is done right or not? Here are the main points to keep in mind.


Just how realistic the finished job looks is based on how well the technician blends the pigmentation with your existing hair follicles. When it is properly done, the result is a seamless look throughout the entire scalp. Experienced technicians use existing hair follicles to skillfully create a three-dimensional effect that gives the illusion of dense hair.

Color matching

Just like it is essential to match your hair dye to your natural hair color, SMP pigment must match your natural hair color in order to look natural. Technicians establish ideal color by buzzing your head down, then using a pigment color scale to find out exactly where you fall.

Technician’s Expertise

Last but definitely not least is the experience level of the SMP technician you choose. There is really no telling what kind of problems you might find yourself facing as a result of a poorly done SMP treatment. Anything from blowouts, uneven hairlines, or even infections.

Final Word

If you had any fears that scalp micropigmentation might look fake, you can now put them to rest. This treatment can look completely realistic as long as it is done properly by a qualified and experienced artist.

Men are advised to do more than a little research on the facility they choose to do their treatment. On top of that, it is essential to get to know the individual SMP technician who will be doing your treatment. Make sure to see before and after pictures of patients, they have worked on individually, rather than rely on pictures provided by the facility in general. 

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