Top 5 disadvantages of having Scalp Micropigmentation

Top 5 Disadvantages of Having Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is an increasingly popular procedure used to treat hair loss. With this has come a large number of facilities offering the service, all doing their own marketing and promotions to attract clients.

A quick online search yields a lot. You will not be short of information on the merits of SMP and explanations on why you should consider it. 

Like any other decision, it is important to get both sides of the story. The good as well as the not-so-good aspects to bear in mind before taking the plunge. 

Here is our compilation of the top 5 disadvantages of having scalp micropigmentation

You can’t change hairstyles

When you had a full head of locks, it probably never crossed your mind how great it was to be able to cut and style your hair differently every so often. With scalp micropigmentation, this becomes a convenience of the past. 

You have to wear the same short-buzz-cut for all the years you have SMP. Some men appreciate that they don’t have to think about chopping and styling anymore. Others who like to change things up once in a while may get frustrated with being stuck to a single style for years.

Frequent shaving

One of the main advantages of scalp micropigmentation is how realistic it looks. Yes, it is true that a well-done SMP job looks very real. It is almost impossible to tell that you didn’t just step out of the barbershop.

However, in order to maintain it looking as real as it does, you have to shave your hair often. Assuming you have hair loss on only the top of your head but still have some hair growing on the sides; after SMP, it must never be allowed to grow. 

It fades over time

When ink is deposited under the skin of your scalp, it looks fresh and dark for a couple of years but does start to fade after some time. That is even if you had your SMP treatment done perfectly by a professional. 

Fading typically starts about 4 years after the procedure, though it could be sooner for some and later for others. When this happens, it is time to go back to an SMP technician for a touch-up. 

Unqualified artists

There are lots of unqualified SMP artists out there. A big part of this problem is the fact that there is hardly any regulation in the industry where this art is concerned. Many SMP artists are self-taught ‘experts’. 

There is no organization mandated to vet SMP artists or an accrediting body, as is the case for many other qualifications. 

This is why it is so easy to find yourself in the hands of an unqualified technician. When you do, there is no telling what or how much could go wrong. Needless to say, it is not a situation you want to find yourself in. 

Lack of texture

Scalp micropigmentation creates the illusion of hair through the many minute dots. What it lacks is a 3-dimensional element. It is much like a drawing on a canvas. If you touch the canvas, its surface is completely smooth. 

In the same way, SMP looks very real from a distance but when you touch the scalp, it lacks the roughness of stubble. This explains why some men who have had SMP are conscious about having anyone touch their scalp.

Wouldn’t it be great to have SMP with some form of textured enhancement? 


These are the main disadvantages to think about before having scalp micropigmentation. However, in our, and many men’s opinions, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages. 

The list of advantages includes, how realistic it looks, lower cost, compared to hair transplants, not to mention that it is a non-surgical procedure.

You can work around these disadvantages by shaving your hair at home to manage the need for frequent shaves and doing thorough research to ensure you find a qualified SMP artist. 







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