Is Smile Hair Clinic in Turkey Legit

Is Smile Hair Clinic in Turkey Legit? We Explore the Reviews

Hair loss in men is no new phenomenon. Men all over the world have been experiencing thinning hair as they advance in age. Studies show that about 16% of men between the ages of 18 and 29 experience androgenic alopecia. More than half of the male population aged 40 and above deal with age-related hair loss. We could say that what has changed is the number of men able and willing to do something about it. 

Hair transplantation is a preferred method of hair restoration thanks to the promise of actual hair and the permanence of the solution. 

Smile Hair Clinic – Turkey

Considering the high cost of surgery in the US and UK, clinics in Turkey that offer high-quality service at significantly lower prices have been cast into the limelight. Top among them is the Smile Hair Clinic

With so many sub-standard clinics in the city, it can be difficult to pick legit establishments from the many dodgy setups you want to stay away from. 

Is Smile Hair Clinic in Turkey legit? We explore reviews from past clients to establish if it is worth considering. 

Online Reviews

Whether you are buying a pair of running shoes, a set of kitchen knives, or looking for a good barber, customer reviews are probably the first place you go to get a sense of how trustworthy a product or service is. 

When it comes to a service as sensitive as hair transplant surgery, it’s no different. Numerous positive reviews from a wide range of happy clients go a long way in putting potential clients at ease. They are powerful social proof that builds far stronger credibility than anything clinic marketing could ever say about themselves. 

Here is what a few top medical service review websites have to say about Smile Hair Clinic. 


This is a Berlin-based health consultation firm whose business it is to walk with patients throughout their medical journey.  They connect patients with relevant professionals around the world, secure appointments, and provide all requisite information to ensure a smooth treatment process. 

As of early 2023, Smile Hair Clinic in Istanbul enjoys an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars overall rating on the Quinomedical site. With a total of 214 reviews, the clinic can boast 175 5-star ratings, 33 4-star ratings, and only 6 3-star ratings. 


Trustpilot Group is a renowned Danish digital platform that connects businesses and potential clients through its reviews website. You can find reviews on just about anything, from banks to fitness and of course healthcare. 

As of early 2023, Smile Hair clinic had received about 40 reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. An impressive 91% of reviewers say they would recommend the clinic. 


Dublin City is home to another medical tourism platform known as As its name suggests, it helps patients from all parts of the world find, compare and book the best clinics for their specific needs. With a rich listing of more than 120,000 clinics in 135 countries, you cannot be short of options. 

The Smile Hair clinic features prominently in reviews under hair transplantation surgery. 23 verified reviews give the clinic a 4.8 out of 5-star rating with the bulk of clients coming from Ireland, Germany, Poland, and the UK. 


This is an online service directory that provides lengthy lists of experts in a wide range of fields. If you are looking for reviews on hair transplantation clinics, you will be impressed to find that Smile Hair Clinic has close to 2,000 reviews on ProvenExpert and has gained a 4.9 out of 5-star rating with 100% of reviewers confidently recommending the clinic. 


Testimonials (especially independent ones) are perhaps the best way to determine just how good the services offered by an establishment are. Many consumers admit to quickly skimming through a clinic’s website but taking time to carefully read through each and every testimonial posted on independent websites. It is said that a positive testimonial from an independent source is as good as a personal referral. 

We read through numerous pages of testimonials about Smile Hair Clinic and have summarized key aspects that clients appreciate most. We also tell you exactly what some of them had to say.

Case Managers

A case manager is assigned to every patient. This becomes the contact person with who you communicate throughout your treatment journey, from travel arrangements to Istanbul, arrival at the clinic, and even after the surgery. 

The case manager was very responsive, helpful, and informative throughout the process from inquiry to the post-procedure follow-ups

Abdullah Alkindi; Oman via Google

Personalized treatment

We all know how horrible it feels to be treated more like patient number 407 rather than the individual you are. Smile Hair clinic has mastered the art of personalized treatment to ensure every patient’s specific needs and concerns are addressed. 

You are very much treated as an individual rather than just another patient…… On the day of the surgery you go through your expectations and what you want with the Dr. Who I felt took it just as personally as I did myself.

George; UK via Trustpilot

I really got to feel the great relationship Dr. Mehmet and Dr. Gökay have with each other and their patients. They maintain a high quality of care while making it feel like you’re visiting a friend.

Felix Pickhardt; via Qunomedical

Aftercare advice

A professionally done hair transplant procedure is not all you need for a successful outcome. Proper aftercare is just as essential as it could very well negate the gains from an immaculately performed surgery. Quite often men run into problems after the surgery as a result of infection which could be prevented by proper post-op care. 

Smile Hair Clinic has this crucial element in the bag.

Once the operation was done I was given a bag filled with everything I would need to look after my head, including tablets, shampoo, a neck pillow, and a booklet explaining everything I would need to know for the aftercare.  I was taken back to the hotel and picked up again the next morning for a final checkup and a presentation on aftercare.

Dale; UK via Trustpilot

Exceptional organization

For many men, the thought of hair transplant surgery causes a fair amount of anxiety. So when you are flying across the world for the procedure, the last thing you need is bumps and hitches along the way.

Another aspect clients love about Smile Hair Clinic is that they can take up all your travel arrangements; from flights and hotel bookings to airport to hotel transfers. The only thing you will have left to deal with is the butterflies fluttering about in your stomach. 

… everything was really quickly organized. The only thing I had to do myself was book a plane. Well before the treatment I received all information I needed to find my way in the airport to the taxi that had been reserved for me. I cannot think of how the hospitalization could have been more effectively planned or performed.

Kia Fort; Belgium, via Google

Great results

Personalized care, meticulous aftercare, and even flawlessly organized trips.  These are all great but what good would they be if you go back home after the surgery and your hair still won’t grow?

Smile hair clinic assures clients that they will deliver on the promise of hair regrowth. After all, that is the reason you went to all the trouble in the first place right?

It’s now 6 months after the treatment. The results are amazing! My friends started calling me Benjamin Button! There is no doubt that this was one of the best decisions in my life.

Pawel; Poland, via WhatClinic

Influencer Endorsements

Aside from glowing online reviews Smile Hair Clinic continues to enjoy the benefits of not-so-subtle endorsements from celebrities who have had their transplant surgeries at the Istanbul-based clinic. 

Mike Majlak

Top on the list is Mike Majlak, popularly known as ‘heybigmike’. This well-known YouTuber, podcaster, Tik Toker, and author comes with more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and Tik Tok, and more than 2.62 million subscribers on YouTube. 

On the Smile Hair Clinic channel, he explains that he had struggled with crown and frontline thinning for a long time and made the decision to have hair transplant surgery at Smile Hair Clinic. 

He documents his journey as he flies from the US to Istanbul and the warm reception at the clinic. We get a detailed step-by-step account of his treatment process including pre-op consultations, the actual procedure, and post-op consultations with Dr. Mehmet Erdogan.

He closes the half-hour-long documentary with ‘’I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Smile Clinic’.  

Johannes Uthaung

Johannes Uthaung a young Norwegian Tik toker is another prominent social media influencer who features on Smile Hair Clinic’s list of clients. 

He explains to his audience that he started losing hair at the age of 19, and often felt the need to hide it under a hat. 

He documents his journey starting from the surgery in Istanbul and proceeds to keep his audience updated with pictures of hair regrowth every 2 weeks. Light regrowth is seen at 3 months and he mentions that it is at this point that he felt comfortable enough to go out without a hat. At about 4 months after the surgery, much of the scalp is covered with thin hair and he says he can’t wait for it to get denser.

At 7 months, regrowth appears longer and denser. In his final video done at 12 months post-surgery, he shows off what could easily pass for a full head of dense hair with only a small area on the crown yet to thicken out. 

He ends by describing his natural-looking hair as ‘liberating’.    

Charlie Baker

Then there is Charlie Baker. Another popular Tik Toker who turned to Smile Hair Clinic for his hair transplant procedure. He explains that he started losing hair at the tender age of 17 so the decision to have a hair transplant was a major milestone for him.

In this YouTube video, he gives his audience regular updates on the gradual regrowth process, giving a clear understanding of what to expect at various stages of the journey. 

You can’t help but pick up on his overwhelming excitement and satisfaction during each update. At 11 weeks he says he is ‘feeling on top of the world’.  In the 16-week post, he says he is absolutely over the moon. In his final update, he says he is now living his best life, and the decision to have the surgery has changed his life.  “I have no anxiety about my hair anymore”.  

It is clear that he feels no need whatsoever to hide the fact that his now luscious hair is a result of transplantation. He even refers to himself as ‘that guy who got a hair transplant’ on Tik Tok. 

Bottom Line

It is safe to conclude that Smile Hair Clinic in Istanbul is not just legit, it is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

The team of doctors and medical staff are led by founders Dr. Mehmet Erdogan and Dr. Gokay Bilgin both of whom are leading hair transplant specialists with tens of years of experience under their belts. 

Aside from unquestionable medical expertise, you are in great hands with a team who are also happy to help patients with other arrangements such as transport and accommodation, not forgetting that rare ability to provide personalized care to every single client. 

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