What is the average cost of getting scalp micropigmentation in the UK

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost in the UK?

Are you looking to have your scalp micropigmentation done in the UK? If so you have chosen not just one of the world’s preferred locations but also the home of this revolutionary technique.

If you thought that SMP is a recent technology with its origins in the U.S,  then you are among many who don’t know that it actually has its roots in the UK. The art goes as far back as 1902 when the then popular tattoo artist Sutherland MacDonald started using the technique at his London-based parlor. 

With the decision made, your next question is just how much will it cost? Well, like in any other part of the world, costs for SMP treatment in the UK vary. Scalp Hairlines International’s listing puts prices in the UK at between £1,000 and £5,000. Another survey says you can expect to spend between £300 and £3,500 at a reputable SMP clinic.

Here is a look at what some of the big names in the SMP industry in the UK charge for the treatment.

Wide price variation

Before delving into the figures you must be wondering why cost ranges vary so widely. 

Your SMP budget estimate depends on the amount of session time you need based on how advanced your hair loss is. This is measured using the universally accepted Norwood scale. It rates male pattern baldness from stage 1, characterized by minimal signs of a receding hairline; through stage 7, where the only remaining hair forms a band around the back and sides of the head.

Most facilities offer a free no-obligation consultation. The technician assesses the level of hair loss as well as other factors which may call for extra caution such as skin type and hair density. 

Actual costs

Even before getting a personalized consultation, you can budget using figures from some trusted UK names.

At Skalp, a top SMP company in the UK, prices range between  £1,200 and  £4,000. For a receding hairline requiring restructuring and side profiles to blend into the rest of the hair, men part with between  £1,200 and  £1,800.

More advanced hair loss where the top of a man’s head is bare, SMP costs between  £1,800 and  £2,500. A full head of SMP for bald men costs most at about  £4,000. 

Skalptec, another highly reputed clinic has a minimum charge of £500 for SMP for scar camouflaging. Hairline restructuring using micropigmentation costs about £1,500. A standard SMP procedure on the entire head costs about £2,500. 

At Scalp Mates, also a respected name for SMP treatment you will part with a minimum of £300 for scar camouflaging and £900 for a full head treatment on a shaven head. Density building on long, thinning hair is listed as the most pricey at £1,000. 


If you are wondering if these cost estimates are on the higher side, they are indeed higher than average. This can be explained by two factors. The first is that the UK is one of the more expensive regions for SMP, along with the US, Canada, and Australia. 

Secondly, we point you in the direction of highly reputable and trusted names in the industry under whose care you are guaranteed a top-notch job; so you never have to worry about the risks associated with botched SMP treatments. 

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