Why Scalp Micropigmentation will make you look younger

Why Scalp Micropigmentation Will Make You Look Younger

There is an undeniable stereotype which links hair loss and thinning to advanced age. Those in the film and television industry can confirm. Men with visible hair loss are often preferred to play the roles of older men. It is this stereotype that makes a receding hairline for a relatively young man so distressing. 

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most popular solutions to hair loss. It is a pocket-friendly option said to instantly shave several years off a man’s appearance. 

If you are wondering how and why scalp micropigmentation will make you look younger, read on to find answers to this common question.

Top Agers are related to Hair 

According to The Belgravia Center, studies reveal that the top physical traits which add the highest number of years to a man’s appearance (as perceived by strangers) revolve around hair.

Results of a survey done by The Crown Clinic hair transplant surgery showed hair loss, greying and facial hair as the top three agers. Hair loss comes top, piling an extra eight years on a man’s appearance while greying and a full beard is said to add on a perceived seven and five years respectively.

The Prince William example

The British royal, Prince William, is one celebrity who serves as a typical example of what balding can do to a man’s appearance. The Crown Clinic in Manchester carried out a survey several years ago in which about one thousand people were asked to guess his age. A majority said he could easily pass for a 42-year old yet he was only 34 years old. 

Flipping the Question

Our quest to find out exactly how scalp micropigmentation manages to shave so many years off a man’s appearance led us to the question on the flip side. What is it about hair loss that makes a man look older?

Finding the answer can be confusing especially since it is said that shaving your head completely bald makes you more attractive. It is associated with masculinity and virility, attributes linked to young men. 

There is no science behind it but based on erroneous age guesses made by strangers, we can conclude that it has to do with two elements. Firstly, the lack of a defined hairline. Secondly, a large area of the scalp being visible while the rest is covered with minimal, thin hair. 

How Scalp Micropigmentation Makes You Look Younger

With these two elements in mind, it is easy to see how scalp micropigmentation treatment makes you look younger. 

SMP technicians use microneedles to deposit minute dots of pigment on the shaven scalp, therefore creating the illusion of a full head of short hair. A great deal of attention is given to creating the perfect hairline. 

The treatment, therefore, eliminates the two aging elements by creating a youthful, defined hairline and covering the entire scalp with what appears to be stubble. It is a uniform look rather than a combination of a bare top and thin sides.


There is little debate about the fact that scalp micropigmentation makes you look younger. Time and time again men who have had this treatment say that age is the first comment people made after they had the procedure. ‘You look so much younger’ is by far the most common comment made by friends and colleagues.

We can conclude that a younger look is achieved thanks to a youthful, well-defined hairline as well as the illusion of a  uniformly full head of hair, with no part of the scalp left bare. 




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